Forever Young is Possible

Forever Young is Possible! Yes, that’s right the ageing process can not only be slowed down, but can in fact be reversed! We use the best of science and nature, products provided by Holy Land Laboratories.... Continue to Read
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    — Daria

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    — Louise, Bristol

  • Thanks for the great products. They do magic, you can see a result just after few uses!

    — Daria

  • Result was 100% better than I was expecting.

    — Elena

  • You have made such a huge difference in my life. I feel ‘beautiful, young and alive

    — Helen

  • Stunning results! Excellent work and pleasant staff. Only Russian is capable of!

    — Thanks!

  • I never thought that I would be under the age of 20 years.

    — Thank you Natalya

  • My face has found the perfect look!

    — Thank you, Natalya Quandt




Exclusive Q-Program Normal price £330 NOW £297   The Five treatments of rejuvenating program is a unique formula that enables the skin to function properly for healthier younger looking skin.      Step 1 Preparation Three-Advanced facial +natural peel Including expert consultation And skin assessment   Step 2 Stimulation One-Forever Young peel   Step3 Rehabilitation [...]



    NEW! THE V EFFECT An instant facelift without surgery! RADIESSE An immediate volumisingresult due to elastic gel-matrix  Prolonged effectiveness due to CaHA, which induces new collagen production Normal price from £960 NOW £890


Non-surgical face-lift

  Wrinkle removal – De-stress your look! Achieve a very effective, non-surgical face-lift.    Muscle relaxing treatment Botox/Dysport/Xeomin  One area normal price £150 NOW £130 Two areas normal price £250 NOW £230 Three areas normal price £320          NOW £300          Wrinkle removal – replace lost volume!  Fillers Normal price £320  NOW £300  [...]

Facial Treatments

  • Dynamic Thermo Mask

    Dynamic Thermo Mask

    The D-day is looming up alarmingly close and you have put in enough preparation starting weeks, perhaps even months ago. A special day is worth all this trouble, because you want to look your best that day, not just for the wedding pictures, but because your closest ones would be carrying away a picture of [...]

  • agecontrol1

    Age Control

    Aging skin is not the problem of a select few. It is common in everybody and as old as the hills. Laugh lines are not funny to have and crow feet are nothing remarkable, except that they show age and all the havoc that pollution and urban lifestyles have wreaked. The problem makes itself obvious [...]

  • Acne Treatment

    Acne Treatment

    It is funny how easy it is to get acne, and how difficult it is to get rid of. Being such a common skin disorder, one would think it is very easy to treat it, but it is very complicated in reality, the causes of it being manifold. What one eats, lifestyle habits, heredity, hygiene [...]

  • Calm Red

    Calm Red

    (Red, sensitive, cuperosis & rosacea) The beautiful soft pink glow of a blush is what every girl would like to preserve on her cheeks. Blotchy red spots and irregular patches of irritable skin is something no one would want to have. This condition, unfortunately is a common enough occurrence and it is called rosacea. It [...]

  • smoothing of skin-women-green

    Gently Clean Skin

      Everyone wants to look their best, so why not enhance your natural looks by improving the first thing people see is your face! Improvements are always possible!   Cleansing is an important step in any beauty regime, whether it is as simple as applying make-up or an elaborate face-mask and massage. The clean-up involves [...]

  • rose de mer peel-smily-lady


    The body goes through many stages and phases as time passes. It is unfortunate but true that the efficiency and sharpness of the bodily procedures reduces as age progresses. For example, the production of some hormones which is at its peak during adolescence tapers off as growth kicks in. Growth hormone is not secreted beyond [...]

  • Probiotic


    The moment you hear the word probiotic in the context of a treatment, you have greater faith that it will work better in improving your general health and look. Stress, pollution, external environmental factors and nutrition factors all take their toll on the human body. The effect may not be directly visible while the individual [...]